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Adaobi Higgins

Adaobi is an 11th grader attending North Star Preparatory High School. Adaobi is interested in becoming a pediatrician and would like an internship in a local clinic or hospital during the fall term.

"For me being in IHDF means success because IHDF makes sure I do everything I need to do, so that my future can be bright. They make sure I am on the right path and they push me to do my best. Being a Dreamer means having a lot of hope and believing in myself." - Adaobi Higgins.

Delviniah Williams

Delviniah Williams an 11th grader at North Star Academy College Preparatory High School. Her career interests include being a Veterinarian, Psychologist, or Neonatology Nurse.

"Not only do I have a support system within school, but I also feel supported in a college bound program called “I Have A Dream” Foundation. I have been in this program since kindergarten. It is a foundation that offers love, support, and motivation to those growing up in a community that lacks hope and belief for the youth." - Delviniah Williams

Elijah Evans

Elijah is a attending Columbia High School

"At first I thought that IHDF was just another type of program for after school things when I was young. But as I developed into a young man, I now know how much of an impact it has on the present and future. I couldn't have done anything without the help of IHDF and all the support from the parents and mentors." - Elijah Evans.

Hannah Olaniyi

Class of 2019
Career interests: Music/Singing,Social worker,lawyer, Counselors

"I Have A Dream Foundation means hope, determination, open-mindedness, and diversity. This program has opened my eyes to many opportunities in the world and the steps I need to take in order to reach my goals/dreams. The support from Rutgers business School students, is really helping me. Also, IHDF wants every scholar to become successful in life. They don't want to see anyone fail and they are like your second family. They will push you mentally and physically to become a better person in life and in the near future." - Hannah

Jairene Rodriguez

Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy
Class of 2018

"Being a Dreamer is having someone that is always there for you, always supporting you and always pushing you forward. Being a Dreamer means you want to have a brighter future, that you're willing to take charge of your future." - Jairene

Jawahn Gasque

Roselle High School
Class of 2018

"IHDF means a lot to me. The program is getting me closer attending a good college and have a great future. It helps us think of what we want to do in the present and the future." - Jawahn