Dreamer Circle

IHDFNJ would like to acknowledge the following donors who have made a long-term committment to our organization, our Dreamers, and our Dreamer families. These donors have pledged to support our organization through annual gifts over the next three years. Many of these donors, however, were already members of the IHDFNJ family via their membership on our board, staff, or through previous charitable giving.

If you would like more information about the Dreamer Circle please email Yolanda Gadson at ygadson@ihdfnj.org.

Major Gift Donor

Steven Lerner, IHDFNJ Board President

Diamond Donors

Paul and Elizabeth Daugherty * Davor Golub and Matthew Ostrower * Sam (Board Member Emeritus) and Judy Schwartz

Platinum Donors

Howard and Nancy Alter * Jeffrey Sobel, Jeffrey Sobel Consulting

Gold Donors

Anne and Steven Weisholtz

Silver Donors

Yolanda Gadson, IHDFNJ Executive Director * Adam Price * Eugene Thomas, IHDFNJ Board Member * Jason Weisman

Bronze Donors

Donald Ostrow, IHDFNJ Board Member * Elizabeth Weisholtz, IHDFNJ Program Manager